Bobbybox pt 18: Completed!

aaaaand they’re done! It is the end of the line. No more! No more I say ! Phew. Free at last! The Bobbybox: 126 random older dead stock Mantic minis plus 13 casualties, small animals and such. I must admit, getting these done was a bit of a slog in places, and I really needed […]

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Bobbybox pt 16: The Dwarves

Continuing on with the Bobbybox, we come to the Dwarves.  Or “Dwarfs” as Mantic call them.     I went with a dark blue and a dark purplish red colour scheme for simplicity’s sake. Could just not be bothered to do any more detailing. A bit tired of Mantic minis right now… Again, my own […]

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