Prepping the days away

For the most part, the last couple of weeks have been spent doing prepwork:

The Dungeon Saga minis are now undercoated and ready for some brush action

160209 dungeon saga prep

a bunch of Mantic restic kits from the Kings of War kickstarters. God, these take AGES to prep what with the gazillion small pieces, all the big mould lines and properties of the restic itself, the mouldlines not wanting to be scraped off at all.

160209 restic hell

so best to get them done once and for all. Some Trolls, Lesser Obsidian Golems, Goblin Fleabag riders, Dwarf Brock Riders and resin Earth Elemental. Just needing some primer and a bit of basing.

Still have a bunch of different restic units from the first KS sitting in their little bags until the day I can be botheres to prep them. This lot has turned me off the restic prepwork for a while!


160209 burrows & badgers 2 KS

Burrows and Badgers: Freelancers (the full set from the second B&B KS, with resin terrain.) And what a great set of terrain it is! I will go more into these when I get around to painting them.



2016 thoughts and resolutions

To start off this year I think I will expand on last years resolutions:

1.a Not to buy any miniatures (ebay or otherwise) apart from kickstarters unless said miniatures are funded by my own ebay sales…

and expand this with:.

1.b and  not go overboard on any kickstarter if this is not stuff I would buy at full price. Which admittedly does mean very few kickstarters, me being a cheapskate and all.

(it might help that I feel quite saturated with kickstarter deliveries and am having problems where to store it all!) Far too much stuff is simply being unpacked, looked at, boxed up again and then getting shoved into a dank cellar with all the other boxes.

2.a Paint some minis every month

I hope they do a “resolutionary painting challenge” on the forum this year as well, it helps! And even go so far as :

2.b Paint alot of minis every month!

last year I did 276 minis in all. This year I set the target at 366 -one for each day of the year!

of course, I will count scenery items as minis, depending on how long I take painting them. No, I do not mean I am going to cheat by dodgy painting or counting a large piece as more than one. Just my normal sloppyfast standards.

However, I do have some large units of Skaven, Undead and Dwarfs for Kings of War / Warhammer Fantasy that probably will up the model count significantly when I set my mind to actually doing them.


3.  Try to complete a project / set of minis / squad before starting another.

well, yeah. I am too flighty for this really. I forsee me doing several squads and individual minis at once at any rate. I will change this to:

3. Actually complete at least one game set and one army during the year.

My first thoughts are finishing my Shadows of Brimstone sets and then maybe Dungeon Saga, plus finishing my Undead, Skaven and Abyssal (still to be delivered, the KoW Wave 2 shipment should currently be under way) armies, so they are actually fieldable. This in addition to all the other singles and squads that takes my fancy…That Cthulhu Wars set is looking quite tasty…also those Bones are just sitting there, and the many Lord of the Rings models I bought off Ebay to make an orc army for Kings of War with… Decisions decisions…