The Others 7 Sins: Dogs of Wrath

Angry, angry dog-like demonic abominations of Wrath. One might almost say “Mad Dogs”.     So these are of course going to double as Fleshhounds of Khorne in those other games.     Abominations of Wrath from the Wrath expansion to The Others: 7 Sins boardgame CMON/ Guillotine Games / Studio McVey Rigid PVC 40mm […]

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Off the shelf again

So I play too much Payday 2, and do not get much painting done these days. I am working on the Zee team for Dreadball, and may I present to you, His Royal Highness…   King Henry the Ape!   Painted to fit in with the Zees: So…what to call this team then,  The Legion […]

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