Some old Warzone figures I dug up

Rummaging through the boxes of old minis, I came across two blisters’ worth of Undead Legionnaires for the excellent game Warzone. Seeing as the Warzone Resurrection kickstarter was on, I felt like painting these up. A nice and easy little unit to paint, even though they have different weapons combinations. The group with machine guns […]

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Adventures in dipping

The Army Painter dip and shake method has made painting armies for tabletop use much easier, quicker and/or messier, depending upon your point of view. At least it does make the figures look better than simple base coats. I have used this method for my clanrats and a few others, and have some comments. (the […]

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Some Skaven

I am currently doing a mass unit of slightly less than 60 figures in one fell swoop. Or rather, one protracted, repetetive monotonous paint-everything-of-the-same-colour in a sitting. Which is in a sense quite meditative, after I get past the settling-in phase, and enter the flow of it. After all, this army is made for dipping.  […]

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