Moria Goblin …Spitters?

I have for some time been collecting loads of Lord of the Rings goblins and orcs, almost enough to make a Kings of War army…or two. I need to get some cavalry and such though.

But for some reason I have not really goten round to actually start painting them. Gahd, there are alot!

Methinks it’s time to break the spell.


The first 10 Moria Goblin archers,

They did turn out rather darker than I would have liked.


Next time, remember to use lighter base colours.


Moria Goblins with Bows

from Lord of the Rings Miniatures Battle Game: Fellowship of the Ring, ca 2001

Games Workshop

HIPS plastic

20mm bases.


Painted so far this month: 31 / 28.  +3, and all 31 done in 3 days!

Painted so far this year: 64 / 365. Just 301 to go!

DreadBall: The Ada-Lorana Team and Phantasm MVP

Time to speed up the PJs and get something done before the month’s end:



These are originally translucent blue. I wanted them to be greenish instead, which was easily accomplised with some vallejo green ink. Dot in some details and Hey, presto!

Bases as per my standard recognize-your-DreadBall-team-positions colour scheme, red for guard, yellow for jack and green for striker.

Always remember to prime tranlucents with some matte varnish or the paint will have problems sticking to the minis.


But the MVP was not made in translucent plastic, but in standard grey (…WTF Mantic!?!) and the same goes for the crystallan MVP. (ARGH!)

So I had to paint the damn thing with paint!

170227-mantic-dreadball-mvp-phantasm-front 170227-mantic-dreadball-mvp-phantasm-back 170227-mantic-dreadball-mvp-phantasm-side

So it turned out a little different than the others.


*sigh* Still works though.


Ada-Lorana Team and Phantasm the Ada-Lorana MVP

DreadBall season six

Mantic Games


DreadBall hex bases


Painted so far this month: 2/ 28.  7 to go. and one day left!

Painted so far this year: 54 / 365. Just 311 to go!

Mantic Mummy

From the first Mantic Kings of War kickstarter, they made some Heroically proportioned Mummies. Which was a bit strange, as most other minis were closer to tru-scale 28mm and hence much thinner and with smaller weapons etc. Mantic has never been very consistent with neither scales nor styles.

Also, they were much more armed and armoured in a more Western and not quasi-Egyptian style as everyong was used to from Warhammer. And they were restic.

This of course led to a lot of complaints and badmouthing all across teh internets.

For my part, I quite like the more Draugr-like style of these. Also, I tend to prefer the heroic scale.

170227-mantic-mummy 170227-mantic-mummy-2 170227-mantic-mummy-side 170227-mantic-mummy-back 170227-mantic-mummy-other-side

But they had 20mm bases, and ranking them up is a nightmare. After prepping, they have been standing around in the to do drawer several years now.

I got one out of storage and rebased it on a 30mm base which I think it fits so much better!



from Kings of War – undead faction

Mantic Games


30mm base


Painted so far this month: 9 / 28. 19 to go.

Painted so far this year: 42 / 365. Just 323 to go!


Conan the boardgame: Bones Golem

First of the Conan minis to get some paint is the Bones Golem, mostly on account of needing to get some minis done quickly this month.


170227-conan-bone-golem-side 170227-conan-bone-golem-other-side  170227-conan-bone-golem-front 170227-conan-bone-golem-back

This is one mini that would have benefitted alot from a multi part casting. I find that some of the one piece castings tend to get a bit strange poses. Apart from the pose, the details are good though, especially considering that this is a boardgame mini.

So it looks OK from the sides, I guess.



Bones Golem

from Conan the Boardgame base game set

Monolith Entertainment

Rigid PVC “boardgame plastic”

40mm base


Painted so far this month: 8. / 28. Just 20 to go!

Painted so far this year: 41  / 365. Just 324 to go!

Nothing done this last month…so here are some rats

Almost a whole month has come and gone without me touching brush to mini.


So to get back on track I chose do some minis that are quick and easy.


First up are what I have left of the Warhammer Quest Giant Rats. I have only found 7 of the original 12, as I did use some for other things long ago and also have painted one or two as part of the Skaven giant rat swarm.


These I put on bases I adapted and printed, being 20 x 25 mm oval, using the same lipped pattern as for the chaos hounds some weeks ago.

170227-warhammer-quest-rat-oval-base-20x25 170227-warhammer-quest-rat-oval-base-20x25-b


These rats are always fun to do. And fast.


Giant Rats

from the original Warhammer Quest game set

Games Workshop

HIPS plastic

3D printed 20x25mm oval bases



Painted so far this month: 7  / 28.  21 to go (and just 2 days to do it!)

Painted so far this year: 40 / 365. Just 325 to go!