Fingerpainting miniatures!

On the Reaper forum’s  bi-monthly resolutionary painting challenge the first bonus challenge of the year is to fingerpaint a miniature.

…as in use your fingers to paint it, no brushes or other implements, and you need to do this yourself, not get any help from others, including small-fingered children. Priming and sealing excepted.

And it must be a creature, no scenery to make it easier.

I decided to make a go at the bonus challenges this year.


*Witness! The Hand of DEEEWM!*  


So, my fingers are about one and a half centimetres in diameter, with fingertip-pads at more or less a full centimeter square. How to paint a mini that is only 2-3 fingers high with that?

Obviously I would need to select a mini that will not need too much detailing…

I considered the great worm, the land shark, the sharkorosaurus, the brass bull and any number of metallic robots shiny or rusted both. Should be doable, with some vigorous rubbing and weathering.

But I ended up with a creature of mist and shadows.


Enter the Reaper Bones translucent purple Shadow Demon! And some translucent inks to paint it with.



Added red ink as well. Messy work this.


at this point I got carried away and forgot to take intermediate pictures of the actual mini work in progress.

I had some nice differently coloured areas here and there to make it look insubstantial on the mini by the time I set it aside to dry, but the day after I found most of the colours had done gone and mixed it up all over the mini, leaving it more samey all over. oh well, should have done the colours one at a time and let it dry more between each colour.



Eyes of blue, tongue of red and teeth of light grey. Still done with my fingers! …or rather, a torn fingernail. A lucky happenstance that worked a treat to dot in some details.


Base was also done by finger, brown inside, black rim. Tufts glued down in massive-fingertip sized blobs of pure PVA; the rest with watered down PVA, wiping glue off the rim before dunking it in the tub o’ mixed flock.

—and then having to dab some glue here and there where I had managed to wipe off both glue and flock when hamfisted wiping the rims… and some more black on the rim to fix the results…and the same again. Rinse and repeat.

Conclusion: Fingers are not very appropriate tools for painting miniatures!


But the results ended up not too shabby:

170129-reaper-bones-77368-shadow-demon  170129-reaper-bones-77368-shadow-demon-side2 170129-reaper-bones-77368-shadow-demon-side 170129-reaper-bones-77368-shadow-demon-back

and since the backdrop it a wee bit too samey to show up the colours properly:

170129-reaper-bones-77368-shadow-demon-a 170129-reaper-bones-77368-shadow-demon-a2

this is taken with a pink piece of paper as backdrop.IRL it is a bit more blueish.

These pictures show better that it does in fact have some of the insubstantial not-quite-there effect I was hoping for, with the translucency and blotchy colour variations all over. But one does need a bright light to see them.


77368: Shadow Demon

Reaper Bones KS2

Sculpted by Bob Ridolfi

Translucent purple Bonesium

40mm base


Painted so far this month: 33 / 31.  +2 past target!

Painted so far this year: 33 / 365.  Just 332 to go!


The Great and Purple Worm!

Reaper released a few minis in Bones before taking them to kickstarter the first time. Here is one of them:


170129-reaper-bones-77006-great-worm-1 170129-reaper-bones-77006-great-worm-front 170129-reaper-bones-77006-great-worm-3 170129-reaper-bones-77006-great-worm-2 170129-reaper-bones-77006-great-worm-back


And what a beauty it is! That head would take pride of place in the monster hunter’s wall of stuffed trophies!

I really don’t know why I have not painted one this earlier. It is a great piece, really three dimensional and wiggly as it were. And this would be maybe a fifth of it’s total length. Too bad about the prominent mould lines and my early days inept removal of same with a knife. The resultant cut flats are especially noticable down the back.


77006 Great Worm

Reaper Bones, pre-kickstarter

sculpted by Michael Brower

Bonesium PVC

50mm base


Painted so far this month: 32 / 31.  +1 past target!

Painted so far this year: 32 / 365.  Just 333 to go!


The Others 7 Sins: Hell Club: Grin

Next member of the Hell Club, those thorougly nasty Cenobite-lookalikes who summoned the Sins to the City in the first place, is Grin.


170129-others-7-sins-hell-club-grin 170129-others-7-sins-hell-club-grin-front 170129-others-7-sins-hell-club-grin-side 170129-others-7-sins-hell-club-grin-back

This would be the Gimp of the club. Probably sleeps in a locked chest in the basement.



Grin, member of the Hell Club

The Others: 7 Sins board game set

Guillotine Games / Studio McVey

Rigid PVC

35mm integral base



Painted so far this month: 31 / 31. Complete!

Painted so far this year: 31 / 365.  Just 334 to go!


Barrow Rats

Continuing the creature feature, here are the Barrow Rats:



Not quite undead but thoroughly nasty anyhow.

171022-reaper-bones-77198-barrow-rats-a 171022-reaper-bones-77198-barrow-rats-a2 171022-reaper-bones-77198-barrow-rats-a3

171022-reaper-bones-77198-barrow-rats-b 171022-reaper-bones-77198-barrow-rats-b2 171022-reaper-bones-77198-barrow-rats-b3

These will see use as wardogs in Frostgrave.



77198: Barrow Rats 

Reaper Bones KS2, base set

Sculpted by Julie Guthrie

Bonesium PVC

30mm bases


Painted so far this month: 30 / 31. Just 1 to go!

Painted so far this year: 30 / 365.  Just 335 to go!



The Hell Cat

Next up is the Bones Hell Cat.  Your typical molten lavacreature with broken crust exterior.

In Bones the detail is a bit shallow for my taste, which makes it more difficult for me (being such a sloppy drybrusher) to get a “clean” look to the crusty bits, especially when the topmost black coat was a tad too heavy.


reaper-bones-77327-hell-cat reaper-bones-77327-hell-cat-b reaper-bones-77327-hell-cat-c

Not my finest work, but passable. It certainly looks much better when not magnified like in the pictures…


77327: Hell Cat

Reaper Bones KS 2, “Devils” option

Sculpted by Kevin Williams

Bonesium PVC

40mm base



Painted so far this month: 28 / 31. Just 3 to go!

Painted so far this year: 28 / 365.  Just 337 to go!



A bit about base 3D printing; also Cry Havoc! And let slip the Hounds of Chaos!

Last year I bought a unit of unbuilt Chaos Hounds off Ebay on a whim. Which turned out to have no bases and missing a horn. Sigh. When you buy on the cheap, youse gets whats youse gets.

First I stuck them on square cavalry bases, but that looked just wrong. I think I have decided not to use square bases any more, as I prefer the round ones, so I took them off again.  Then I tried some 40 and 50mm round bases, but the 40mm ones looked too small, and the 50mm ones take up too much space on the shelf for my liking, what with there being 10 models. Shelfspace turning out to be coming somewhat at a premium with all the minis getting painted these days…

So I tried oval bases from warbases, which did the trick. But still. Those square-cut edges clash stylistically with the chamfered/lipped bases I have come to prefer. So the dogs got stuck in a box with all the other “not entirely inspired to paint these yet, something is not quite right, need to think a bit” miniatures. Too bad no one seems to make plain, chamfered oval bases. And I have searched extensively for such.

And then in December a paradigm shift occurred. I got a 3dprinter. I started off happily printing out terrain piece after terrain piece, discovering that there are massive amounts of models of tanks on thingiverse, so printing a few of those, all the while learning what the printer can do.

And then some days ago it dawned on me. Why not print the bases I want myself?

well, the first reason would be I don’t know how to 3D model. My first admittedly very cursory foray was into a free program called blender. Woah, talk about your steep learning curves! How to even set up a working environment there? I will need to spend some serious time before making either heads or tails of that. Or start with a simpler program.

But the printer’s own slicer program does let me scale things, so if I only had a base model to work from, maybe…*search search search*

Some playing around with an excellent base model I found on thingiverse later:


Voila! One 50mm x25mm oval lipped base. That’s the same footprint as a cavalry base. I had to change all three dimensions to make this, as the original model was too tall. But it turned out all right. And is easily resized for other dimensions as well. So now I can get the best of two worlds, both my preferred, esthetically pleasing chamfered base for individual viewing and skirmish game enjoyment, and backwards warhammer fantasy / kings of war compatibility for practical mass battle game functionality. Just stick them on a movement tray and off we go!


170121-3dprint-oval-lipped-base2 oval-bases-unit

and so I rebased the Hounds of Chaos yet again. One and a half speedpaint session later:



To quote Lord Flashheart: “Woof! Woof!” Here are a few of the dogs:

170121-warhammer-hound-of-chaos-d 170121-warhammer-hound-of-chaos-c 170121-warhammer-hound-of-chaos-b 170121-warhammer-hound-of-chaos-a

Yes, there are some very fine print lines, but I can’t really see them IRL, just in the close up pictures.

You can download the oval lipped base model from thingiverse here.



Hounds of Chaos

Warhammer Fantasy Battle/ Age of Sigmar

Warriors and Beasts of Chaos / Grand Alliance Chaos Faction

Games Workshop

HIPS plastic

50x25mm bases, remixed and 3dprinted by me


Painted so far this month: 27

Painted so far this year: 27 / 365.  Just 338 to go!






Shadows of Brimstone: Trun Hunters aka the Visitors

These are from one of the three enemy expansion sets that were added to the KS as paid add ons in the pledge manager, as the stretch goals for them were only just not reached… so they made them anyway and charged extra for them.

As I wanted the lot, I added them, using some of the late minecart credit I got. The Trun Hunters were delivered in the wave 1.5 shipment, and are one of the few enemy types yet released that have a ranged attack, which certainly changes the dynamics of the game.

Anyhow, what’s not to love about bloody great big lizard aliens with scifi armour and blaster pistols?

170119-shadows-of-brimstone-trun-hunters-side2 170119-shadows-of-brimstone-trun-hunters 170119-shadows-of-brimstone-trun-hunters-side170119-shadows-of-brimstone-trun-hunters-back

and there are three of them in the set:


Since we all know what lizardlike aliens like to eat, we know exactly what they are hunting for, don’t we? I wonder which 80s TV show these minis remind me of?


Incidentially, this is where Shadows of Brimstone most markedly moves away from it’s Wild West starting point, passes through the Tentacular Horror Void of the Dungeon Dimensions and lands squarely in the Twilight Zone of Sci Fi Mash-Up country! Pew Pew! Even more so than the WW1 type Trederran Raiders, or even the wintery Targa Otherworld where the ancient robotic guardians are stirring…Yea, verily, the void portals lead not only to other places, but also other times.


Trun Hunters

Shadows of Brimstone Enemy Set

Flying Frog Productions

HIPS plastic

40mm bases


Painted so far this month: 17

Painted so far this year: 17 / 365. Just 348 to go!