Fingerpainting miniatures!

On the Reaper forum’s  bi-monthly resolutionary painting challenge the first bonus challenge of the year is to fingerpaint a miniature. …as in use your fingers to paint it, no brushes or other implements, and you need to do this yourself, not get any help from others, including small-fingered children. Priming and sealing excepted. And it must […]

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The Great and Purple Worm!

Reaper released a few minis in Bones before taking them to kickstarter the first time. Here is one of them:          And what a beauty it is! That head would take pride of place in the monster hunter’s wall of stuffed trophies! I really don’t know why I have not painted one this earlier. […]

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Barrow Rats

Continuing the creature feature, here are the Barrow Rats:   Not quite undead but thoroughly nasty anyhow.       These will see use as wardogs in Frostgrave.     77198: Barrow Rats  Reaper Bones KS2, base set Sculpted by Julie Guthrie Bonesium PVC 30mm bases   Painted so far this month: 30 / 31. Just 1 […]

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The Hell Cat

Next up is the Bones Hell Cat.  Your typical molten lavacreature with broken crust exterior. In Bones the detail is a bit shallow for my taste, which makes it more difficult for me (being such a sloppy drybrusher) to get a “clean” look to the crusty bits, especially when the topmost black coat was a […]

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