Mars Attacks! Zombie Martian

Today’s first Semi-Random mini:   Brai..ackackack..ns!! It would seem even Martians can contract the T-virus. A fun mini, quick and easy to do.   Zombie Martian Mars Attacks! the miniature game Mantic PVC 25mm base   Minivember tally: 26 Painted so far this month: 35 Painted so far this month: 359

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Circle of Chaos: Brok

   Striking the classic heroic pose known as “foot on rock”, Brok is the sixth Circle member, with his trusty Sigmarite warhammer held high. He is the “normal” one, human without visible mutations and a prime physical specimen at that. His mutations are of the kind that are on the inside…   Brok from the […]

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Mars Attacks!: It’s a-Me, Mario!

After painting the Agarix mushroom men recently, I have been thinking which minis I have that might fit a Mario-theme.   There are some…and will be revealed as I get to painting them. Starting with: What Mario-themed set of minis would be complete without the Plumber himself?   This used to be Joe the Mechanic […]

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