The Circle of Chaos: Pedrogo the Dwarf Sorceror. The Circle is complete!

161130-circle-of-chaos-pedrogo 161130-circle-of-chaos-pedrogo-back

Pedrogo is the leader of the Circle of Chaos.


And now the Cirle warband is complete!



…apart from the grey death Rhinotaur that I did not pledge for. Regrets, regrets.



Cirle of Chaos Oldhammer Warband

Kickstarter by Curtis Fell of Ramshackle Miniatures.


30mm base


Minivember tally: 30    Woohoo! Challenge Goal met!

Painted so far this month: 40

Painted so far this year: 364




The Others: Agents of F.A.I.T.H: Thorley and Karl (human form)

The defending human faction in The Others board game consists of a number of cyberpunk / future agents and operatives including both normal and enhanced humans, and supernaturals such as werewolves and half-demons…


161130-the-others-faith-thorley-front 161130-the-others-faith-thorley-back

Thorley, Alpha Team.

The red base shows he is a Bruiser class hero


161130-the-others-faith-karl-human-form-front 161130-the-others-faith-karl-human-form-back

Karl the Werewolf in his human form. Alpha Team.

The green base shows he is a Fixer class hero.


Thorley and Karl (human form)

The Others: 7 Sins base game set

Guillotine Games / McVey Studios


25mm integral bases


Minivember tally: 29

Paited so far this month: 39

Painted so far this year: 363

The Others: 7 Sins: Hell Club: Gourd & Vex (too many colons!)

The Others: 7 Sins is a board game that kickstartered about a year ago, and that recently was delivered in full in a single shipment. Tentacular, Lovecraftian horror meets cyberpunk future when tentacular demonic forces embodying the 7 cardianl sins invade the last  city on Earth, where members of the high tech human F.A.I.T.H organisation fight the demons and their minions to delay the inevitable end of all things.

There are so many excellent minis here.


We start with the Hell Club, a group of humans plotting evil, very reminiscent of the Cenobites from the Hellraiser series, being heavily into strap’n’leather rubber clothing and body modification…


First out are Gourd and Vex, Minime cenobites. Both of short stature and shorter tempers.

161125-the-others-hell-club-gourd-and-vex-f 161125-the-others-hell-club-gourd-and-vex-b

An interesting pair, obviously very much in love. ah. I am such an incurable romantic.

Go get the Gimp for some fun and games!


Gourd and Vex of the Hell Club

The Others: 7 Sins board game

Guillotine Games / McVey Studios


35mm base


Minivember Tally (this counts as one): 27

Painted so far this month: 37

Painted so far this year: 361


Circle of Chaos: Brok

161122-circle-of-chaos-brok-front-3 161122-circle-of-chaos-brok-front 161122-circle-of-chaos-brok-back

Striking the classic heroic pose known as “foot on rock”, Brok is the sixth Circle member, with his trusty Sigmarite warhammer held high.

He is the “normal” one, human without visible mutations and a prime physical specimen at that. His mutations are of the kind that are on the inside…



from the Circle of Chaos Oldhammer Warband kickstarter

by Curtis Fell (of Ramshackle Miniatures)


30mm base


Minivember tally: 25

Painted so far this month: 34

Painted so far this year: 358

Dungeon Saga: Karrathor, the Tyrant of Halpi!

This model has been sitting around unpainted on my desk for ages and ages, getting in the way and generally making a nuisance of itself.

Time to wash it out of my hair, as it were.


161121-mantic-dungeon-saga-tyrant-of-halpi-dragon-karrathor-1 161121-mantic-dungeon-saga-tyrant-of-halpi-dragon-karrathor-2 161121-mantic-dungeon-saga-tyrant-of-halpi-dragon-karrathor-3 161121-mantic-dungeon-saga-tyrant-of-halpi-dragon-karrathor-4 161121-mantic-dungeon-saga-tyrant-of-halpi-dragon-karrathor-5

The internet seems full of slams of this mini, both the aesthetics and the quality of the casting.

For my part, I cannot for the life of me see what is wrong with it. Aesthetics aside (I like the bulky, powerful and slightly cartoony dragon this represents), I found the casting itself to be perfectly good. I had to do very little to fit the pieces together and there was just soem few mould lines that needed carving off.

Granted the base was slightly warped, but that was easily fixed with some hot water.

As board game dragons go, this is the best I have seen yet.

One quick and dirty paint job, and we are ready to go!



Karrathor, the Tyrant of Halpi

Dungeon Saga: The Tyrant of Halpi expansion



75mm square base


Minivember Tally: 24


Painted so far this month: 33

Painted so far this year: 357



Minivember: Alabama Smith, or was it North Dakota Baker?

The LAF forum has for some time been running the Back of Beyond painting club, and I would have liked to enter something if only I had a Back of Beyond-themed mini to paint.

The theme being “Russian Civil War and Central Asia in the 1920s. Thus you may post everything about RCW or any rumbles at the time between 1917/1918 and 1930 in the far regions of Central Asia, included Mongolia, China, Far East, Tibet, NWF etc. And we’re talking here not only about historically correct stuff but also about some Pulpish interpretations of scientific expeditions in this area, e.g. adventurous scientists looking for lost treasures of ancient times”.

I have almost zero historical minis, same goes for Pulp…so nah.

But…after reading that again it finally clicked in my head.  “adventurous scientists looking for lost treasures of ancient times”… Wait a minute! I have a Bones mini that fits that bill!


161119-reaper-bones-80033-chronoscope-frank-buck-indiana-jones 161119-reaper-bones-80033-chronoscope-frank-buck-indiana-jones-back

Officially named “Frank Buck” I think something along the lines of “Mississippi Harrison” or “Oregon Ford” would have been more appropriate. This is by all accounts Henry, the Raider of the Lost Ark himself,


80033: Frank Buck Indiana Jones

Reaper Bones KS2

Bonesium PVC

30mm base


Minivember tally: 23

Painted so far this month: 32

Painted so far this year: 356