Warhammer Quest: The Bats

A full dozen big, blind bats. Wings took too long with my shaky hands slopping paint all over making lines where no lines should be, needing fixing again and again. I chose to base them on 30mm bases for stability.   Giant Bats from the Warhammer Quest game set Games Workshop, from 1995 HIPS polystyrene […]

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The Young Dragon

For the Reaper forum Beauty Pageant, my little black dragon. Yes, this is the color scheme I was inspired by.   77272: Dragon Hatchling Green Reaper Bones KS2 Bonesium PVC 30mm base     Painted so far this month: 14 Painted so far this year: 247

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Did this one on a whim:      I seem to be influenced by watching all those trashy movies and playing games where Ninjas all wear colourful accents to their clothing such as red sashes or neon blue ponchos!   This swordsman is going to spark some shouts of  FATALITY if and when he takes down an […]

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Uhm, nice….Doggy?

I envision this demon dog as being a beast of smoke and fire, much like the Balrog. However. I don’t see it as burning the ground it walks on.   Most of the pictures I took of this were mysteriously out of focus. It obviously did not want to be taken a picture of.   77038: Hell […]

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