Dungeon Saga Zombie Trolls

Trolls. That also are zombies.  What’s not to love?       These were fun. Great big zombies with massive upper bodies, lots of muscles and the trademark Mantic itty bitty legs. I repositioned the arms a bit with the hot water method. I meant the green one to have it’s hands closer together, but […]

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The Cloaker

A bit of variation from the Dungen Saga, while still keeping with the dungeon theme, of sorts: Reaper Bones KS2 77391: Cloaker aka Cloak Beast Your basic dungeon hazard or random encounter, a cloaker will drop down from above and envelop it’s victim while biting down hard. Much like an octopus, come to think of […]

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Dungeon Saga Mawbeasts

From the Warlord of Galahir Expansion:   Mawbeasts aka Fleabags This expansion is all about the so-called Greenskins: Orc, Goblins and their ilk. I started with the little lion-like dogthings. I have done them with subtle differences in the colour. Probably should have done one as a tiger and another as a leopard just for […]

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