Pair of Kings today:

160330 mantic dungeon saga undead dwarf king grund

Grund, the Dwarf King (deceased)

Grund is one of the evil characters the heroes need to defeat in Dungeon Saga. Having caught a case of the stubborns, refusing to stay dead!


160330 mantic dungeon saga tyrant king blaine

Blaine, the Tyrant King (very much still alive)

Blaine is the Mantic Kickstarter Exclusive dimensional traveller, having surfaced in several of their kickstarters, including Deadzone, Dreadball Xtreme, Mars Attacks! and Kings of War 2nd ed. Here is the Dungeon Saga version.

The Army Painter Quickshade wash on the cape turned out quite shiny, even though the other quickshades do not. So now he apparently is a purple rubber cape fetishist. At least until the weather gets better and I can give him a coat of anti-shine


And of course, some more of the low level mooks every such game needs masses of:

160330 mantic dungeon saga zombies b

The three other zombies


Assorted minis from Dungeon Saga

Mantic Games

Rigid PVC

25mm bases


Painted so far this month: 33

Painted so far this year: 135

Dungeon Saga Ghosts and Zombies

With most of my time this last week or so spent watching Daredevil and other things, I have not been painting all that much.


160327 mantic dungeon saga ghosts

Ghosts. With classic ball and chain. But where are their arms?


160327 mantic dungeon saga zombies a

One of the three kinds of zombies.

Simple, simple painting to get things done. I went with different colours for variety.


Ghosts and Zombies

from the  Dungeon Saga base game set


Rigid PVC

25mm bases.


Painted so far this month: 28

Painted so far this year: 130

For the Lead Adventure forum Weird Wars painting club

I took some time out to join the Lead Adventure forums Weird Wars painting club with a nazi zombie. All I had to do as a registered member of the forum was to paint up a single mini and post it to the board before entries reached 100. So here is the

160320 Studio Minis die verdammten A

#089 Studio Miniatures Die Verdammten WW2 German Soldier Zombie

that I posted, and his trusty companion, Jürgen

160320 Studio Minis die verdammten B

whom I painted at the same time.

These Nazizombies are really quick to do, with the uniform being of uniform colour (sic!). Just a quick wash, some detailing and an even quicker drybrushing to do.



Die Verdammten

Studio Miniatures

HIPS plastic

25mm bases


Painted so far this month: 22

Painted so far this year: 124


Valandor, not-Drizzt and the necromancer

The kickstarter exclusive resin Hero:

160318 mantic dungeon saga keldan elf fighter

Keldan the Elf FIghter. Not Drizzt at all. No, siree!

For some reason I did not get a proper Dungeon Saga base for this mini. I used instead a 25mm mantic base with an old Norwegian coin in the hole. This mini proves that Mantic could make high end minis if they chose to do so. (another thing to note, this elf stands a full head taller than Madriga and the other heroes, even taller than the barbarian. So Mantic certainly have some issues with scale. This one is so much more everything than Mantics older, rather weedy and thin elves. If all their elves had this stature, I think most of the criticism and hate towards them would go away.


160318 mantic dungeon saga mortibris the necromancer

Mortibris the Necromancer

This one reminds me of Denethor (the steward of Gondor, father of Boromir and Faramir). Must be the hair.


and the hero’s hero:

160318 mantic dungeon saga valandor

Valandor the MIghty Hero of Ages Past


Boy did that spear arrive as a S-shaped noodle! Straightened out a charm in hot water and a gentle pulling when dunking in the cold water.

I went with green for this one, as Silver and Blue is over done. The cloak is paint Reaper Maggot White, a very whiteish green, but only looks white in the picture. Now he is ready to take on the red demon.


Dungeon Saga base game and Return of Valandor expansion


Rigid PVC and Keldan is in Resin

25mm bases


Painted so far this month: 20

Painted so far this year: 122

Bael the Undead Demon

From the Return of Valandor expansion to Dungeon Saga:


160313 mantic dungeon saga bael undead demon 2 160313 mantic dungeon saga bael undead demon

Bael, the Undead Demon

In the story, this ancient and utterly  evil demon has been raised in undeath by the Necromancer. The angelic Valandor, a legendary hero who once long ago fought this demon, appears to accompany the Heroes in a bid to banish this undead demon once and for all, saving the known world from some unthinkable fate. Or maybe not. I must confess to not actually having read the fluff yet…but I would wager a pretty penny the story goes along those lines. Maybe the heroes need to awaken Valandor for the boss fight against Bael at some point during the adventure. Valandor being a giant of a man, looking suspiciously like a wingless Basilean Elohi.

At any rate, I like this mini. Bael is a good model to use as a Daemon Prince or even some undead monster.


Bael the Undead Demon

Dungeon Saga: Return of Valandor expansion

Mantic Games

Rigid PVC

50mm base


Painted so far this month: 17

Painted so far this year: 119

(day 73 of the year, increasing the lead on the target 366 for the year)

More Heroes for Dungeon Saga

Barreling onwards through the Dungeons Saga Heroes:

160313 mantic dungeon saga Kaopka gladewalker druid treeman

Kapoka the Gladewalker Druid


160313 mantic dungeon saga Hrrath Salamander Fighter

Hrrst the Salamander Fighter


160313 mantic dungeon saga Hordin Dwarf barkeep and Gnasher

Hordin the Dwarf Barkeep and Gnasher his Throwing Mastiff. (Kickstarter Exclusive)


160313 mantic dungeon saga Ibrahim human paladin

Ibrahim the Human Paladin


I just couldn’t  get Hrrst’s sword straight! So I clipped that flimsy banana off and replaced it with a sword from the Kings of War Salamanders sprue. The new sword is of the same organic design, but a bit thicker and a good substitute.

And it would seem that the Paladin is microcephalic, and has a weird looking sword and a winged shield that says “hook me to break my arm”. I don’t think I really like this ones’ art direction.

Not much more to say about these, really.

Two more heroes, the kickstarter exclusive resin not-Drizzt and ditto Tyrant King Blaine, to go.


Heroes from Dungeon Saga

Mantic Games

Rigid PVC

25mm bases


Painted so far this month: 16

Painted so far this year: 118

…and the Saga continues.

Barreling through the other Dungeon Saga heroes:


160309 mantic dungeon saga Ally halfling thief

Ally the Halfling Thief

160309 mantic dungeon saga Arianya naiad demon hunter

Arianya the Naiad Demon Hunter


160309 mantic dungeon saga Venetia Human cleric

Venetia the Human Cleric


160309 mantic dungeon saga Logan halfling fighter

Logan the Halfling Fighter (The Imp!)


and getting started with the undead:


160309 mantic dungeon saga Elshara

Elshara the Banshee


160309 mantic dungeon saga skeletons with scythes x3

The Grim Reapers aka Skeleton Warriors

A very obvious homage to HeroQuest are the Skeletons with Scythes.


Assortet minis from Dungeon Saga

Mantic Games

Rigid PVC

25mm bases


Painted so far this month: 12

Painted so far this year: 114