The Revenants

Some time ago, I bought the Undead army with the first Kings of War Kickstarter. I built and prepped a bunch of them, but for the most part, they are standing around on the shelf of doom.

But every once in a while I get the itch to finish up some more of them. This week it was this unit of Revenants that got some TLC:

160216 mantic revenants x25

Revenants are described as the skeletal remains of warriors with better equipment and training than the usual rabble. So they are better than other skeletons in the game.

For some reason I had prepped 25 of them. Not 20 or 40, like the units are supposed to be, but 25. No idead why I did 5 odd ones out.

I think I have some more, unbuilt in a box so I should be able to fill out to a horde.


Undead Skeleton Revenants

Kings of War, Undead faction

Mantic Games

HIPS plastic

20mm mantic square bases.



Finished so far this month: 37

Finished so far this year: 102

Bulking out some undead units for Kings of War

Apart from the prep, I have done some Mantic undead, easy jobs to fill out some of the units I have and get them off the “to do” shelf.

160209 mantic skeleton warriors

5 skeleton warriors

160209 mantic zombies

4 zombies. (yes it should be 3 and a half, but since I count the large minis as 1, I think it is ok to count the small ones as 1 as well.)


160209 mantic skull catapult

and a skull catapult with crew.


Assorted undead mooks for Kings of War

Mantic Games

HIPS polystyrene hard plastic

20mm mantic square bases


Painted so far this month: 12

Painted so far this year: 77

Prepping the days away

For the most part, the last couple of weeks have been spent doing prepwork:

The Dungeon Saga minis are now undercoated and ready for some brush action

160209 dungeon saga prep

a bunch of Mantic restic kits from the Kings of War kickstarters. God, these take AGES to prep what with the gazillion small pieces, all the big mould lines and properties of the restic itself, the mouldlines not wanting to be scraped off at all.

160209 restic hell

so best to get them done once and for all. Some Trolls, Lesser Obsidian Golems, Goblin Fleabag riders, Dwarf Brock Riders and resin Earth Elemental. Just needing some primer and a bit of basing.

Still have a bunch of different restic units from the first KS sitting in their little bags until the day I can be botheres to prep them. This lot has turned me off the restic prepwork for a while!


160209 burrows & badgers 2 KS

Burrows and Badgers: Freelancers (the full set from the second B&B KS, with resin terrain.) And what a great set of terrain it is! I will go more into these when I get around to painting them.