Space Hurps done for now

About a year ago, I bought a set of Mantic old convert-your-own sci fi zombies off ebay, and combined with the plague zombie sprues I got from the deadzone kickstarter I spent a day building a ton of them. They have been cluttering up my to do-shelf ever since, only being nickled-and-dimed  in small groups, getting […]

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Reaper Bones Hordlings

After the big Harbinger demon, time to unwind with some smaller demons: The last two out of the three Hordlings from the second Bones Kickstarter. These were experiments with differently coloured inks, to compare the effects vs the transparent ones.   Here is the first one, that I painted last year. Just for completeness sake: […]

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Shadows of Brimstone: The Heroes

Without further ado, here are the Heroes of The Shadows of Brimstone!   City of the Ancients: Saloon Girl – Bandido – U S Marshal – Gunslinger   Swamps of Death Lawman – Rancher – Indian Scout – Preacher   For some reason, I always gravitate towards the monsters and creatures in a game such as […]

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Goliath online.

   Gives a new meaning to “puking your guts out” doesn’t it? The Goliath, who is the end level boss from Shadows of Brimstone: City of the Ancients. A greater daemon sized tentacled horror, Hard as nails in game, and usually does not appear alone! Presumably it feeds by vomiting its tendrilled aesophagus onto it’s intended […]

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Mirelurks! Well, almost.

The three Slashers from Shadows of Brimstone Swamps of Death. Giant Lobster Ogres, much like Mirelurks. I have been putting these off because I could not decide on a paint scheme. In the end, I decided to start them off as vaguely lobster-like and just wing it. I think what I ended up with works well.   […]

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Leviathan Hellhounds

This pair of demon dogs have been half-painted for something like 15 years or so. They have been lying about in a box until I found them the other day. I have based them and finished them off, keeping to the same colour scheme as I used for a unit many, many moons ago. Not great, […]

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Spiders! Get them off me!

As I am trying to finish off the Shadows of Brimstone base games, I am pushing ahead with those minis. Here are the Void Spiders. Nasty little extradimensional bugs, and numerous. There are 12 in the game. I have been debating myself about how to paint these, and settled for a tarantula-like scheme. Sinister and simple, […]

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Ba’su’su the Vile

  Ba’su’su the Vile, King of Gargoyles, Champion of the Abyssals. (Not to be mistaken for Assyrian /  Babylonian “Pazuzu” the Winged Demon of the Winds.) “First among the Halfbreeds called into existence by the wicked machinations of the Iron-casters is Ba’su’su the Vile. Wherever he goes, there follows a mass of Gargoyles so dense […]

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