The miniatures board game Sedition Wars: The Battle for Alabaster Station from McVey Studios did have a lot of nice miniatures even though it had a lot of problems.

The Strain, a kind of plague (or alien virus whatever) that reanimates dead tissue shaping a series of horrifying stages of adversaries from zombie to full blown demon mecha…also have some interesting variations. Like these Bonecrabs.

151206 sedition wars headcrabs

Imagine these scuttling towards you en masse at a rapid clip down a dark, claustrophobic corridor!



The Strain faction

Sedition Wars: The Battle for Alabaster (KS wave 2)

McVey Studios / Cool Mini or Not


25mm base.


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Ye Olde Dwarf Tower

Back to the interesting bits rediscovered when moving – here is a Dwarf Tower by Grendel Productions I bought  sometime in the 90s. They made lots of cool scenery items and warbeasts in resin in a time where everything was metal or plastic. They also made the Fantasy game Leviathan. I believe most of their line is still available under the name “Scotia Grendel”.


151206 grendel towe br 151206 grendel tower

This one I have had to do some repairs to make it stand even, as the top was listing quite a bit. Still not perfect, but much better.

I also have a suspicion that there is supposed to be a smallish piece that is missing here, to connect it to other castle-like bits in the same range. I might have it, but I need to look through the box. And that box is at the bottom of the stack after moving.

Dwarf Tower
Grendel Productions


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