Space Hurps part the fifth.

The second blob of minis off the shelf today is 12 more of the Mantic Sci Fi Zombie Space Hurps conversions:

150715 hurps B

150715 hurps A

I really, really need to look into better photography.


At any rate, that makes 43 of those zombies done in all. 15-20 or so to go. I must admit they are getting a bit tedious to do, I expect the rest to wait awhile before I start them.

25mm round base, restic and polystyrene plastic conversions.

Total painted minis so far this month: 43

Even More Skeletons!

Working to get some groups of miniatures off the shelf, making big strides today.


This is the last group of the Bones 2 KS skeletons


150715 skeletons c


there was 9 different models in the pack, I bought 2 packs. Now I have a group of 18 ready to go. Put in a couple of the Mantic Skeletal Dogs Or Are They Rats? for a full regiment for Kings of War or Warhammer FB.


20mm mantic square base, bones PVC.


Miniatures painted so far this month: 31

The Bone Devil

From the Bones 2 kickstarter

150713 bones bone devil

92786 Bone Devil

This was a wonky one, no amount of boiling would get it to keep standing up straight!

It would straighten up just fine when held in hot water and then into ice cold, but then it would gradually lean over again over time.

I attribute this to the weight of the wings and upper body and the thin and bent knee simply not being strong enough in this material. even though it is made of the more rigid Bonesium.

I solved this by inserting a strut. A simple length of paperclip from beneath the base and pushing the right knee -and therefore the whole mini – up into the correct position,

The pin was hidden in the bushes on the base.

40mm base, Bones PVC.

Minis painted so far this month: 25

Ye Pile of Olde: Harlequin Raptor (legless)

I found this Raptor in one of the piles of old miniatures that are lying about the place, and I took mercy upon it, as it only had one leg.

So I mounted it with some wire, slapped some plastic putty over that, and when painted, hid it in the bushes.


150708 harlequin raptor


…I think it worked.

I love these lizardmen raptors made by Harlequin Miniatures in the 90s. Still one of the better dinosaur-like sculpts out there. And there was a full line up of matching lizardmen, including larger raptors with riders. I made an army for “Raven”, Harlequins battle game, with them back in the day. Maybe I’ll dig them out of storage and rebase them for Kings of War.


30mm base, metal.

Off the Shelf: Reaper Knight Templar

This miniature is from way back when, and has seen many different abortive coats of both paint and arms. None of which ever worked. So today I decided to just get it done.


150708 reaper templar

Reaper 02119: Knight Templar.


The picture does not show the nice colour transitions in the cloak nor the tabard. Too harsh lighting. I think I need to look into making some sort of light box or some other way to improve the pictures.

30mm base, metal.


Off the Shelf: Mantic Gargoyle

Pushing onwards with getting a few more stragglers off the shelf, today I finished the Mantic Gargoyle test piece.

Here I tried a couple of things that did not work, and has been overpainted. at least twice.


150708 mantic gargoyle


In the end, I opted for the classic stone colour: grey, also in the wings.

20mm mantic square base, restic.

I will probably rebase it, as it keeps tipping over.