More knights of the Lost Crusade

At last, here is the next part of that unit of skeletons, bringing them up to 25 plus 4 dograts. All that is needed now is a standard bearer. And 10 more skeletons to make a horde.

141030 lost crusaders 3 141030 lost crusaders 4

and then this thing, a “Battered Skeletal Troll” from Chainmail, the 90s metal D&D miniatures line from Wizards of the Coast: If my memory serves me right.

141030 skeletal troll

In other news, I have recently bought a new airbrush as the old one had not survived many years of storage in a damp cellar.

Then I had to remodel my little room of minis (=mancave) so now I can actually use said airbrush when the urge takes me.

So now most of the (rather many) prepped minis are primed and ready to paint!

Knights of the Lost Crusade

Lots of prep the last few weeks, as the second wave of Deadzone arrived.


So I have painted 10 more skeletal footknights of the Lost Crusade, bringing the total up to a massive 15 models including the test subjects I did some time back!


These are so quick and easy to do. I really like the old Mantic plastic undead.

141014 lost crusaders 2

What exactly does that bird find in there to eat?

141014 lost crusaders 1 141014 lost crusaders 10

apart from these an additional 10 are in the pipeline. Maybe I also will take a swing at the mounted knights that are sitting around in a drawer? And suddenly I might actually have an army?


They also have some Dogs (Or Are They Rats?)

141014 dogs or are they rats

Love those little critters to bits.