Drake Cherek Hunters group finished at last!

Does it count as coming from the shelf of shame if the minis in question were started less than half a year ago?

At any rate, these have been cluttering up my workspace, half painted, since May. Now they are finished.

140727 cherek hunters group

Drake the Dragon Wargame, Cherek Hunters.  Painted as Frostmen from the Cold Mountain kingdoms.

This unit is actually one less than it should have been, as the seventh one was miscast with a massive fault line all around. I have been promised a replacement in wave two. Whenever that might happen.

Just as the other two original foot-mook-types in Drake, there is a stylistic difference between what I presume is the first original sculpt, and the to variants. I expect this is because of being made at a different point in time, and maybe by a different sculptor. At least these are more or less the same scale as the original, although the skin texture and clothing is different and the depth of detailing is more shallow on the new ones.

Off the shelf again

So I play too much Payday 2, and do not get much painting done these days.

I am working on the Zee team for Dreadball, and may I present to you, His Royal Highness…


140725 king henry the ape 140725 king henry the ape 2

King Henry the Ape!


Painted to fit in with the Zees:

140725 king henry the ape zee

So…what to call this team then,  The Legion of Chaos?  The Optimus Primates? The Killer Zees? Little Caesars? (Zeesars?) The Royal Pains? The Apes of Wrath?


Speaking of  Wrath:

140726 wrath 1 140726 wrath 2

First of the Deadzone hired guns to be finished.



Salvaging Rouge Trader Orks, part 3

So, over the course of what few free evenings I have had, the rest of the large group of orks have progressed and have been finished.

Some observations along the way:

140714 group predip

Ready for the big dip

Painting many figures does take ages, even when doing it as basic as this.

I have decided that I will not ever be using that dip again. In the future I will stick to the brush on ink version of quickshade. Far better control leading to far better results, no shinyness, dries in an hour or so and water soluble. Overall a much better product for my needs.

I had forgotten what a messy sticky substance the tinned quickshade dip is, how it is difficult to be precise with it, how it takes several days to dry properly, how hideously shiny it is when dry, and how difficult it can be to get rid of the shinyness…especially when the ambient humidity rapidly increases to raining cats and dogs right after spraying them! ARGH!

so instead of some nice orkses, we get frosty the snowmen!

140714 grey

Frosted! not grrrrrreeat at all!

At this point I might have said a bad word.


So all the orks have become frosted some more, some less.

I got partially rid of the frosting with a second coat of varnish, but some remains. and still some shinyness her and there. Bah!


So, powering on, last details and bases are done, which means that they are finished,


140714 group finished 2

Battle ready

They might still get a third coat of varnish just in case it might still get rid of some more of the frosting effect.

So that is 38 more boys ready to take to the field in rambunctious waaagh!

Certainly not in any way a great paint job, but perfectly passable for the tabletop, especially considering the starting point.