From the Shelf of Shame: Finishing The Unfinished

I have made a solemn decision to finish up all the half-painted minis on my little shelf of shame.

First up is some treeman:

140427 treemann

40mm base.

I am not sure where this metal miniature comes from, I suspect it is a Wizards of the Coast D&D miniature from the early ’00s. I think one other I had lying about in the same box (a skeletal D&D troll) quite definately is one of those.

At any rate, it has been standing around unfinished for some time, and I rebased it (it had a square base earlier) and finished it with fresh colours, some washes and a lot of drybrushing.

It turned out quite well I think. Apart from the little stumpy sawn off-branch ends that did not turn out so well.

Can’t win ’em all. At least it now is done.

Edit: This is a Mage Knight Wood Golem, by Wizkids.


Next up, something that looks like a cross between a Squig and a Razide, definately sculpted by Kev Adams, and (I believe) from the defunct game Vor: the Maelstrom.

Ghouls, Ghouls , Ghouls! and starting the Lost Crusade.

Continuing along the path of least resistance, I did a unit of old metal Citadel Ghouls that I had lying about.

Minis with mostly skin and well scupted detail are often quick and easy to paint, and even faster in batches. Like these ones.

Basically same approach as the zombies and Mantic ghouls. I have 17 of these minis (strange number, will be looking for three more), and they were undercoated black.


140427 metal ghouls2

Three different skin tones, one flesh, one blueish and one purplish. Loincloths and details in random colours. One the basecoats were done, the whole figures got a liberal daubing of Army Painter dark tone ink.

140427 metal ghouls

This served to shade and unify all the colours, giving them more or less the same intensity and similar tonal values. Also some rust effects After that they were all drybrushed with the same brownish grey, that further unified the colours. The trick is to wipe a lot off the brush. -a lot-. so the drybrushing is rather sublte. Of course the pictures are rather harshly lighted by the blitz which ruins the effect rather a lot.

140427 metal ghouls1

The bone weapons were painted offwhite and not washed with the dark tone ink. Rather, I played around with the new Citadel Technical paint “Blood for the Blood God” Basically a strong, semi translucent glossy red. Which was perhaps too intense, but I think worked for a contrast to the dull greyness of the models, after a bit of  drybrushing to bring the tone more in line with the rest.

I also did some test models for the Mantic Skeletons:

140427 lost crusders

Basically the same as the ghouls, apart from different colours and using Strong Tone Ink instead of Dark tone.

These are the first knights of “The Lost Crusade” I am thinking of using as the theme for the army.





Actually getting something done at last, part 3: Drake and Reaper

While waiting for more spray-friendly weather to thaw and dry us out, the Drake figures have gone on the back-burner after finishing all the prep.

At least I have done one of the little Eyes of Kyran, demon-things:

140413 eye of kyran 1a

Will this picture too wind up on Ebay to illustrate some scalper flipping the kickstarter miniatures?

Cute little tyke, no? Although the incessant staring can get a bit annoying at times.


Here I have tried the newfangled Citadel technical paint that is supposed to make a “cracked, dried up earth”-look on the base. Not really happy with the results, the cracks are too tiny. I will have to experiment more to see if I can get a better effect.

The mini itself is a very simple basecoat, wash, drybrush, details-job.

As I have four of these, and they are individually summoned, I am thinking to do them wildly different from eath other. I have some ideas for what the next one is to look like.


Next up is the Reaper Bones Stone Golem:

140413 Stone Golem a

Guite a delightful miniature. Drybrushed on black, with no washes.

Also, the golem is well hard, having no regard for peoples’ flower-beds at all!


Actually getting something done at last, part 2: Mantic (and Reaper) Zombies and Ghouls

Zombies are fun! Also easy peasy to paint.

Scruffy, ragged, dirty, blemished and full of gore and unmentionable stains.

140413 zombies  20 b

It helps that the Mantic Zombies are really, really good minis that are full of character! Here bolstered by some Reaper Bones zombies from their kickstarter.

140413 zombie 2140413 zombie 1   The two variants of Reaper Bones zombies. Like many of the human-sized miniatures, they are quite bendy and have softish detail. The one on the left is by fat the better figure. The face of the right one being …strangely elongated. I have put them on Mantic bases. The integral bases they come with are very easy to cut down to fit in the 10mm hole of the mantic base.


140413 zombie lineup

The full lineup. I just had to swap the head of one of them with a spare mantic zombie head to see what it would look like. Slightly too large it turns out. It seems fantasyworld also has its cases of Hydrocephalus. Anyway, they fit ok in the zombie regiment above.


Also Goa’uld Ghouls!

140413 ghouls line both 140413 ghouls line 2 140413 ghouls line 1

With these I have tried something new, namely basing them in strips of 5. I probably should have painted them before sticking them to the base, but I did not, so there you are. The most difficult bit was getting at some of the details between models, especially after gluing on the tufts. On the other hand, it was rather quick doing them like this, just blasting through them five at a time.

On one strip I used putty to build up the base around the figures integral ones, on the other I did not bother. It turns out it really is not neccessary as both bases look ok with the strategic placements of tufts.

I also used a couple of zombie heads for variation.



Actually getting something done at last, part 1: Deadzone Plague

I have become such a dull boy with all work and almost no play these last weeks.

But I have gotten round to making some time for painting at last, and am working on the plague for Deadzone, playing around with skintones. Not really entirely satisfied with what I have come up with, but it will do for starters.


I started with the 3rd gen humans to establish the look, and the dogs for simplicity. I must say I can’t stand the garish pink of the “official” colour schemes. I imagine the infected grow/mutate in big spurts, and have tried to show this by making them look more like they are entirely covered in massive bruises adn blemishes, with varying success. Blackish hands and feet for the gangreneous effect. Maybe the faces should stay more unblemished as they do not seem to have grown or disdended to any large degree?

Blue in Blue eyes, not for their spice addiction, rather for their otherness.

The dogs were nice sculpts, apart from the faces/snouts/jaws where detail were quite soft and difficult to separate.