Toasters MVPs

The three robot MVPs to round out the Team, one of them a Giant.

All done in a similar style to fit in with the Toasters. All have been sprayed with Army Painter Platemail for the base colour.

**Alert! Bad puns incoming**


Wyn for the Win!

Dark bronzed metallic, dark green ink pinwashes all over, and a teeny tiny bit of details with blue ink, silver and red.

Colour coded green for Striker


Firewall the Fireball! He is the golden boy after all.

Yellow golden metallic, red pinwashes (I tried orange ink first, did not work at all) details with blue ink. Black stripe on the face gives it that Calvinball feel.

Colour coded orange for Keeper.


Barricade the shieldmaiden! I am no man!

This is the first giant I have done, and it is done simply with red pinwashes all over to fit in with the team. And a bit of blue.

Colour coded red for guard.