Gnoll MacDonald raids your farm, E-I-E-I-O!

The next of the pre-kickstarter Bones to be completed is the Gnoll:

20130623 gnoll 1a

You don’t want this kilted maniac mocking you with his laughter whilst raiding your livestock. He does seem to be looking to give someone a Glasgow Kiss!

20130623 gnoll 2

Black base coat, fur and skin is desert yellow and khaki with soft tone ink shading and whatnot. I used a dark green for base under the mail, wood and all the leather. Soft tone ink and strong tone ink in places.

20130623 gnoll 4

The failed kilt taught me something:

When trying to paint a thin white line in a nice tartan black/dark red/ brown framework:

Thin the paint! Alot!  Or what happens is that the paint dries on the brush, making it impossible to make a straight line, even less a latticework of them! Leaving horrible lumpy things ruining the tartan completely. So I had to do a part of it over. This time I dropped the fine white lines, keeping the classic MacGregor clan tartan.

20130623 gnoll 3

The base was built up on one end so the gnoll stood more dynamically in it’s pose, and then I stuck several tufts of Army Painter Meadow Flowers around the higher foot, as if he is treading in someone’s flower bed. It also makes for a slightly different type of base while keeping the style I use for these figures.

As you might have noticed, I do not like the so-called Broccoli bases. Good thing the Bones material makes it really easy to alter them or even carve them right off.

Test painting Dreadball Z’zor and Robots

So the time has come to try out some simple paint schemes for the Dreadball teams.


First out are the Robots’ “Team Toasters” and the Z’zor “Bully Bugs” (name subject to change):

20130623 testpic1

I have chosen a simple scheme for both teams, as most of the Season 2 figures all have rather a lot of mold lines that are impossible to remove competely, and that will ruin a better paint job anyway. All the figures in both these teams suffer greatly from this. The mold lines should be apparent even in the pictures here. And this is after spending hours scraping and filing at the restic. Difficult removal of mold lines is the major disadvantage of the Restic material in my opinion.

Someone on the Dreadball forum suggested an intuitive and brilliant colour code for positions that I have adopted.

Red for Guard, Yellow for Jack and Green for Striker (and Orange for Keeper) like traffic lights.

So I have colour coded the three front threat zone sides of the bases with Yellow as they are both Jacks.

In addition the robot has been detailed with yellow ink. The robot guards will be detailed with red, and the strikers green. The MVP according to position.

20130623 testpic1back

Player numbers are pending.

I am still pondering whether to bother with filling the bases to smooth them properly out or not. Maybe I will just do that with some of the figures that are to get a better paint job.


Test-painting the Mantic Ghouls

Too much time has been used lately putting together units for the plastic Undead army I got from the Kings of War kickstarter. There are a bajillion bits to be cut, cleaned up and glued together, and it takes forever! Gorram You, Mantic, for putting all those lovely options and detailing bits in!

Also, the mantic figures seem to have too much (and small) detail for a really speedy paint job, at least without buzzing said details. We shall see how they turn out.

Here are the first two ghouls I have done, as a test for colour and new paints from Army Painter and Vallejo.

20130622 ghouls test 2

They turned out quite well, but the Stong Tone Ink I used was actually a bit too powerful as they became very similar, and look almost sepia, at least when not looking at them in extreme close up as in the pictures.

I painted these on a black undercoat. Both had the same light greenish skin tone, one had the rags in brown, the other in grey. Army Painter Strong Tone Ink (not quickshade), a quick drybtush with khaki, and then details such as the hair, lips, teeth, eyes and nails (…and who on earth has hammered great big nails into these monsters? Why have they not pulled them out? Aren’t ghouls supposed to be living, albeit degenerate corpse-eaters?)

I expect this method will be quite quick for units.

20130622 ghouls test 1Boo!

Also I find I have warmed to the Mantic bases, I used to think they were not so good with their straight edges, preferring the beveled bases I am used to from Citadel.

But these are actually quite nice. and also they make is easier to pick the figures up by the bases.

The fifth Bone, The Troll of the Deep

This one was really quick to paint, done in a couple of hours all together last night.

20130622 troll front20130622 troll b

Look at the back -someone has spilled water on this one. Note to self: do not feed it after midnight!

20130622 troll side 20130622 troll h

Black undercoat, I did the skin a dark blue and drybrushed with dark purple several shades up to pinkish purple, ditto blues on the lower ams, hands and feet. Some reds and greens here and there for effect, the boils (or whatever they are meant to be) was done in dark red followed by a dirty green and a too thin yellow (that turned green) and a too thick yellow (that was too much for the effect I wanted).

Loincloth in dirty grey and brownish yellow, given a wash of Army Painter Soft Tone ink, lightened with khaki and a sickly skin tone. Claws and eyes in dirty grey and yellow with green ink for that venomous look.

I think this figure would be better without the massive boils on it’s back.


The fourth Bone, the Horn-Horse

20130622 unicorn skra 20130622 unicorn r 20130622 unicorn l

20130622 unicorn front

The fourth Bone to be completed is the Unicorn. This one was mostly uninspired and somewhat of a struggle, and has been dabbled with on and off over the past few weeks. I had a lot of halfbaked not quite thought out ideas, but they conflicted and I had to start over a couple of times as what I tried doing simply did not work.

In the end I got sick of it and completed it a bit too fast, with almost no detailing such as stripes, mealy muzzle, socks or what not. And it shows, as it is rather dull and a bit boring. Too bad as it is a very nicely posed figure. It probably would have been better being black. Or pastel pink with rainbows coming out of its south end.

The toadstool on the base is a bit of leftover green stuff and some vacant space on the base combined. That is actually the bit I think works the best, in relation to the dynamic movement of the unicorn trying to avoid it.

And the horn went back almost to it’s original slightly-bent-to-the-left position. Argh!

Oh well, on the the next.

Comparison shots Harlequin, Mantic, Old Citadel

Someone in the Mantic Forums requested a comparison shot of Harlequin Miniatures vs Mantic undead. So I obliged.

Harlequin miniatures was the Mantic of it’s day (late 90’s early 00’s), offering less expensive alternatives for Warhammer Fantasy Battles, without stating that was what they were for.
The quality of the sculpts (and sizes of the figures) varied wildly depending on who did the sculpting.


size comparion undead
Here is a comparison shot of some skeletons. see the size difference in the two from Harlequin. the large ones (“Skeleton Elites” were done by Kev Adams (I think)


size comparion zombies

Here is a comparison shot of some zombies, as you see they are much closer in size.


More random rediscovered minis

Some more oldies I rediscovered and decided to paint.

These are “The Drugged” from the Stygian faction in the excellent but defunct game Chronopia. The Stygian are a race of raptor-like warriors, and the Drugged are their human shields.

As I had 15 of these finished from earlier times, I did these in an identical fashion.

So, quick and easy human cattle, slop’n’go-style:

Stygian the Drugged

Spray black, different skin tone crudely brushed on each of them, wash with whatever reddish brown is available, drybrush with different skintones.

The skirt is a dirty grey, drybrushed with a lighter grey. Metal on the handcuffs. Black in eyesockets and mouth. Two white dots in each eye for that despondent look. Base and done in no time at all.

So now I have a unit of 20. Might use them as ghouls, maybe zombies, maybe something else entirely.