The Horde is done! (for now)

119 of the blighters. One is missing, as it flew off its base and dissappeared in my garden somewhere. I am currently painting up a replacement, bringing the horde up to two regiments of 60 clanrats or slaves. So that is four such regiments done. The clanrats are all bought off Ebay in several batches. […]

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I found some old zombie-miniatures that fit right into a unit I already have finished (and packed away in storage). So I did them really quick. I think they turned out well. These are old Harlequin miniatures zombies, once made for a game called Raven. The backstory was that the villagers in the Wurdalak Vampires’ […]

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More Skaven

Doomwheel The old metal Doomwheel I got cheap on ebay. The base is a resin of unknown make, it came with a set of assorted metal skaven also bought on ebay. The flagpole is off a metal stormvermin.   Another excellent Harlequin miniatures Ver’Men. This time an Assassin. This one has been dipped, dark tone […]

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Some old Warzone figures I dug up

Rummaging through the boxes of old minis, I came across two blisters’ worth of Undead Legionnaires for the excellent game Warzone. Seeing as the Warzone Resurrection kickstarter was on, I felt like painting these up. A nice and easy little unit to paint, even though they have different weapons combinations. The group with machine guns […]

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Some Skaven

I really like this model: from Harlequin miniatures, cirka year 1999/2000 or so. They made a series of Skaven knock-offs substitutes called Ver’men, during a time when Citadel did not supply many skaven figures. I believe this was a successful line for Harlequin. The figures are not as good or detailed as their contemporary Citadel […]

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The Ebay Lottery came up…filthy

I mainly buy Citadel miniatures off Ebay these days, as I do not like paying through the nose. However, it is somewhat risky, both because of shipments ´going missing´and the seller going either “not my problem” or “I´ll send a new one right away. Oh Yes.” and that not happening (luckily only happened to me […]

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Adventures in dipping

The Army Painter dip and shake method has made painting armies for tabletop use much easier, quicker and/or messier, depending upon your point of view. At least it does make the figures look better than simple base coats. I have used this method for my clanrats and a few others, and have some comments. (the […]

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The Skaven horde grows!

Oh, why do I fall for Horde armies? There are too many figures and take ages to paint! The third and fourth 60-strong units of skaven clanrats/slaves are coming along nicely. three figures are missing, 1 is the first test figure for the colour scheme, which is finished and not part of this batch. 2 […]

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