The Horde is done! (for now)

20130531 horde

119 of the blighters. One is missing, as it flew off its base and dissappeared in my garden somewhere. I am currently painting up a replacement, bringing the horde up to two regiments of 60 clanrats or slaves. So that is four such regiments done.

20130531 clanrats

The clanrats are all bought off Ebay in several batches. Many were missing arms, so they were replaced with old style skaven arms from the bits box. Also there were not enough of the new style clanrats to fill the ranks, and I had to put in four (shortly to be five) of the really old white plastic skaven warrior models from the late 1980’s “fantasy regiments” set. (Number two from the left.)

I have quite gone off of painting skaven for the time being, thank you very much.

But I did paint this yesterday:

20130531 ratogre

Original Rat Ogre, from the first series of skaven. I like that they are just really big skaven and not steroid-mutant lumps as the current ones are. I think I might have the other one somewhere in the old figure storage boxes.



I found some old zombie-miniatures that fit right into a unit I already have finished (and packed away in storage).

So I did them really quick. I think they turned out well.

20130528 raven zombie gropup

These are old Harlequin miniatures zombies, once made for a game called Raven. The backstory was that the villagers in the Wurdalak Vampires’ lands gave their lives willingly to become zombies and help defend their homes and loved ones.

20130528 raven zombie 1

The miniatures are quite crudely detailed, but I find this fitting for these.

20130528 kronos zombie

The musclebound one is a Chronopia Sons of Kronos Undead Warrior.

More Skaven


20130528 doomwheel 1

The old metal Doomwheel I got cheap on ebay. The base is a resin of unknown make, it came with a set of assorted metal skaven also bought on ebay. The flagpole is off a metal stormvermin.


20130528 assassin

Another excellent Harlequin miniatures Ver’Men. This time an Assassin.

This one has been dipped, dark tone quickshade.

Some old Warzone figures I dug up

Rummaging through the boxes of old minis, I came across two blisters’ worth of Undead Legionnaires for the excellent game Warzone. Seeing as the Warzone Resurrection kickstarter was on, I felt like painting these up.

20130528 undead legionnaires group

A nice and easy little unit to paint, even though they have different weapons combinations.

20130528 undead legionnaire 1

The group with machine guns was dipped… (in strong tone quickshade)

20130528 undead legionnaire 2

the group with close combat weapons were not.

We will see if the new Warzone rules are any good. I may very well take up playing it again.

after all, I do have some figures from yesteryear…such as the

wz dl doomsday proclaimer 2

Doomsday Proclaimer!

Some Skaven

I really like this model:


from Harlequin miniatures, cirka year 1999/2000 or so. They made a series of Skaven knock-offs substitutes called Ver’men, during a time when Citadel did not supply many skaven figures. I believe this was a successful line for Harlequin.

The figures are not as good or detailed as their contemporary Citadel miniatures counterparts, but they were at least half the price.

I happen to like many of the figures in this line.

So I found this in the metal graveyard old miniatures storage facility  under the cellar stairs, and recently painted this up for the Skaven army.

Simple base colours and dipped in “strong tone”. The “aprons” were an unecpected bonus…

and the mark on the base shows that one must hold metal figures properly and not with a pair of pliers when dipping and shaking.


clanrat done dippedpostdip clanrat

Clanrats. Base colors, dip and skake.

The one on the right needs a coat of matt varnish to take the shine off.

The Ebay Lottery came up…filthy

I mainly buy Citadel miniatures off Ebay these days, as I do not like paying through the nose.

However, it is somewhat risky, both because of shipments ´going missing´and the seller going either “not my problem” or “I´ll send a new one right away. Oh Yes.” and that not happening (luckily only happened to me a couple of times, and because of the items not being quite what you expect. But mostly the ebay purchases turn out OK.

A few months ago I purchased a squad of 22 Space Ork Boys, that was supposed to be in good condition and nicely converted using helmets, hats and other pieces of kit from historic soldier models. I did not pay a great deal either. Of course, the pictures were all group shots, and rather small.

It arrived. So far, so good.

I opened the box, and lo and behold! They were converted…

130520 messy ork 2 130520 messy ork 1

Wahey! They had helmets and hats on! And assorted backpack, pouches and whatnot!

And massive patches of dried glue-gunk all over -ruining the details!  ALL 22 of them!

And Fur!!! from hairs, dust and other disgusting filth!

I was not happy with this. So I let them stew in their own filth for many weeks.

The other night I decided to try to salvage them, a mob of 22 boys is not something to waste.

So I cleaned them up as good as I could, glued them together again and replaced several arms, bases and heads that were beyond repair, from my own bits-box. Luckily I had some spare parts. Drilled out ht ebarrels of their guns.

And gave them a good hot bath and scrub-a-dub-dub with a toothbrush.


130520 group

At any rate, I think this mob will shape up and be usable. Now to get them undercoated and prepped.

Maybe winter camo for these?