Base for the sandworm

slow going with the Shai-Hulud. Not much time for minis these last couple of weeks.

and struggling with the base for the Shai-Hulud. And then – inspiration. A dune.


so a rough dune done in green stuff. A CD was used as the base of the base, as I did not have anything better handy.

Big mistake. CDs are made of akrylic (I think), a hard and brittle plastic. And really horrible to cut. Ages of scoring followed by —the scissors.

Do not try to cut a CD with scissors if you want a clean cut. Agonizing breakagesn and flying shards ensued. Should have used a saw of some kind. Oh well.

Also, green stuff really is too expensive to be used for large base-filling such as this. One uses what is at hand and regrets it later.

It is all to be covered in fine sand anyways.

Some Skaven

I am currently doing a mass unit of slightly less than 60 figures in one fell swoop. Or rather, one protracted, repetetive monotonous paint-everything-of-the-same-colour in a sitting. Which is in a sense quite meditative, after I get past the settling-in phase, and enter the flow of it.


After metals and flesh base coat.

After all, this army is made for dipping.  More on dipping later.


Clothing in light grey and a few reds.

Here is when all the main colours have been blocked in. I do not bother with highlighting, shading or whatnot. The dipping will take care of that.

After I reach this point I usually am sick to the very soul of the figures. They are all so similar! And MANY!

So I break them up into groups of 5 to 10, and finish them up, details and such that are needed before dipping.

predip clanrats

A group of 5 clanrats or slaves, ready to be dipped.

The main thing anybody looks at in a miniature is the face. So I always do the face fully and do the eyes and mouth neatly. When the faces are good, the rest doesn’t matter as much, and you can be quite sloppy without it being so noticable. In the moshpit of battle rank and file on the tabletop, most details tend to blur anyway.

Anyway, Skaven are filthy, scruffy creatures and the paintjob should be too.

Dreadball, first season WIP part 1

Yup, I am a sucker for massive miniature kickstarters. And I just gotta catch ’em all when I do. And that gets expensive.

As I have played alot of both Blood Bowl and Speedball 2, this game hit all the buttons for me.

But it was this figure that sealed the deal:


Give it a faceful of tentacles, and I’m all in!

This is “John Doe, Alien MVP” Looking forward to the complete team of his/her/it’s relatives, but I don’t remenber if it is to be in season 2 or 3.

Here are the rest of the first season, all in restic:


Human “Corporation”, Dwarf “Forge Fathers”, Skaven “Ver’Meen”, Orc “Orx and Goblins” plus refereebot (with eyes in the back of her head -nice touch!), coach and 8 assorted star players, sorry, MVPs as they are called in this game.

50 figures in the first season set, but only 48 of the hexagonal bases. Someone, somewhere missed their maths class.

I will probably be painting the bases, as the round integral base of the figures really spoils the effect of the clear acrylic. Maybe I can make a mould or something for the missing two.

KoW Undead Mounted Revenant Knights, part 1


That “restic” spuncast plastic/resin material Mantic (and several others) have begun to use definately has it pros and cons.

The major pro is that it allows small companies with small budgets to get figures produced that are comparable to metal i the level of detail and flexible moulding allows for undercuts much like metal. However, the material is not easy to work with when it comes to flash and mold-lines. It does not like being scraped with a knife like metal and injection-molded plastic. Also it resists superglue slightly, making it abit diffucult  to glue together. However, it is light and much easier to drill and glue than metal.

I had to drill and pin all of these, and there are lots of gaps and such that need filling.

Shai Hulud! Reaper Bones “Great Worm” WIP part 2

Just a short update.


1. The Bones material is touted as being ready to paint, and on the forums at people are stating that they sometimes need to be washed first for the paint to stick.

2. Army painter paints do not stick to the worm, even after washing. So I will need to spray it. Which is a problem seeing as it currently is about as cold as in my deep freezer outside, and I do not have any place indoors where I can use a spraycan. I will try an old brush-on primer I have lying about. You can see where I tried a bit of brown, and had to wipe it off as the plastic rejected the paint.

3. Base: a simple 60mm old akrylic flying base with some green stuff on. This is the first layer. I will be trying for a sand-dune look without the rocks that are around the bottom of the figure. I will either carve them off the figure or build the sand higher. Or both.

Shai Hulud! Reaper Bones “Great Worm” WIP part 1

I recently recieved my first small order of a few Bones. I wanted to see for myself what this material was like. And it is not as if they were very costly.

So I looked at the so-called “Great Worm” and had several thoughts about what to do with it. I expect I will get some more of this miniature, as I really like it. Some of these ideas will be made.

At any rate, my first thought was “Shai-Hulud”.

shaihulud WIP 1

If you do not immediately recognize and see what this is, get this book and read it at once.

This is a quick, and unfinished conversion. I expect to do a sand-dune base or something. Probably should have been a lot smaller man on top, but its what I had at the moment.

The Fremen rider is a GW epic 40.000 space marine scout-model. I cut off the base and trimmed the gun, also bent the arm a bit. The wormhook is actually a bit of stretched sprue.