Base for the sandworm

slow going with the Shai-Hulud. Not much time for minis these last couple of weeks. and struggling with the base for the Shai-Hulud. And then – inspiration. A dune. so a rough dune done in green stuff. A CD was used as the base of the base, as I did not have anything better handy. […]

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Some Skaven

I am currently doing a mass unit of slightly less than 60 figures in one fell swoop. Or rather, one protracted, repetetive monotonous paint-everything-of-the-same-colour in a sitting. Which is in a sense quite meditative, after I get past the settling-in phase, and enter the flow of it. After all, this army is made for dipping.  […]

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My Skaven army for Warhammer

So a quick tally: I have not bothered actually making an army list, rather I have concentrated on getting the models both bought, assembled and painted. The main bulk of the army will consist of massed ranks anyway. Pictures will appear when I get round to taking some. 23 Stormvermin, metal -done 16 Stormvermin, plastic […]

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Citadel Miniatures

Made by Games Workshop, the largest and most prominent miniatures and wargames manufacturer in the World. Love ’em or hate ’em, one cannot deny that without GWs massive success, the Fantasy and Scifi miniatures hobby would be vastly less known, and it follows there would be very few companies making such figures. However, their inherent […]

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