To baldly go where no small blue alien has gone before!

Space…the final frontier.  These are the voyages….yeah, you know the rest.

And these little grey aliens in Bones from the second KS. Just had to do them like the Blue Man Group were cosplaying some modern era Star Trek:

Away Team, Command:

151123 Bluebald command Team
Captain leading the away team, wearing the red shirt of command. What can possibly go wrong?

Away Team, Security:

151123 Bluebald Security Team
“We are the Bald. Resistance is Futile. You must comply.” -Locutus of Bald


Away Team, Medical:

151123 Bluebald Medic Team
The one to the right…Mould line to the face!

And, yes. Those are Voyager uniforms, not Next Generation.

I switched the team members a bit around from what was on the sprues, because I thought my selections suited the roles better.

Now to do the Flying Saucer up as the Yangtsee Kiang…


80045,80046, and 80047: Gray Aliens

Reaper Miniatures

Bones KS2

25mm bases


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Painted so far this year: 253


The Power of Christ Compels You!, or: Kicking Arse for the Lord!

Out of all the heroes in Shadows of Brimstone, the one I always found most interesting is the Preacher.

151123 SoB Father OMurphy

Might have something to to with me often playing the Cleric in AD&D back in the day.  So here is Father Patrick “Dies Irae ” O’Murphy. Ready to Kick Arse for the Lord!


Preacher Hero

Shadows of Brimstone Swamps of Death Game Set

Flying Frog Productions

HIPS plastic

30mm base.


Painted so far this month: 8

Painted so far this year: 245

Oathsworn Scatter Terrain, part 1: Tents

Oathsworn Miniatures have made a series of resin scatter terrain pieces to go with their Dwarfs and their Burrows and Badgers Kickstarters. They have done everything by themselves, making moulds and casting at home on their dinner table, and sharing the entire process via their excellent updates.

Here are the first two bits I have done, the Burrows and Badgers Tents.


151123 Oathsworn Tents

Keeping it simple.

These are well made tents for the discerning adventurer, and a place for the dormouse to sleep when the teapot is needed for tea.

When all the bits are done, they will make for an interesting campsite among ruins for a furball fight.


Two Tents

Burrows and Badgers KS1.

Oathsworn Miniatures


Integral base


Painted so far this month: 7

(Yes I count these as well. Took some time to do, after all.)

Painted so far this year: 244



Old School Chaos Dwarf of Slaanesh

151122 chaos dwarf a 151122 chaos dwarf b

Many years ago, I got hold of some of the old school Chaos Dwarfs, from the legendary time when the Chaos Dwarfs were small chaos warriors rather than snaggle-toothed curly-bearded Sumerian look-alikes.

This one is a fuse lighter from one of the war machines. Sadly, I do not have any of said war machines. Yet.

And he/she/it wears the studded leather stocking that was a hallmark of followers of Slaanesh at the time with pride!

Chaos Dwarf fuse lighter

Citadel Miniatures / Games Workshop


30mm round lipped base.


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Painted so far this year: 242


Flinging Feces with the Lemures

From the second Reaper Bones kickstarter come these degenerates:

151122 bones ks 2 lemure 1 151122 bones ks 2 lemure 2

Obviously some kind of disgusting filth demon, like mini-me versions of the Great Unclean Ones of Nurgle. So, they are flinging disgusting filth at the onlookers, like bored monkeys at the zoo.


77326: Lemures (2)

Reaper Miniatures

Bones KS2

40mm bases


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Painted so far this year: 241

The Neo-Asterian

The success of the two DreadBall kickstarters meant that Mantic seemed to be scrabbling to come up with new and interesting models, races and concepts. Now there are teams of interdimentional four-legged freaks, crystal rock people, landlocked sharks, robed monks and bikini space elves with mohawks and bad dispositions. Not to mention twolegged pigmonsters (ever so slightly reminiscent of the pigdemons from Doom) and psychic floating jellyfish!

Love it.


151122 Dreadball Alo-Khan

this one is Alo-Khan, a special MVP from the “challenge cup” expansion, an Asterian Cypher that was lost on a junkyard planet, and has resurfaced as a “neo-asterian” that will not play with asterian teams. It started out as an effort to make a different take on the Battlestar Galactica Centurions than my chrome coloured Robot Team, but keeping it all in blue steel was too samey. So it ended up as this.


Alo-Khan the Neo-Asterian MVP

DreadBall Challenge Cup

Mantic Games


DreadBall Hex base


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Painted so far this year: 239

The Bare Bones

With the refurbishment of the old house complete and it now up for sale, I have at last some time to paint a miniature or two. It has been more than a month since I touched a brush smaller than two inches wide, and I have come to the conclusion that I utterly detest redacorating houses, especially everything that involves masking tape.

So anyway. Starting easy with a bare bones miniature:


151122 skeleton

I posed this one to be wailing in its’ existential pain, being somewhat of a pretentious poseur even in death.

I have to look into building a light box, as the lighting I currently use (one desk lamp and the blitz on the compact camera) is far too harsh and serves only to highlight all the flaws. This one actually looks great in the flesh (oh, the Pun! The Pun!). Not so much in the picture. Might also have something to do with the mini being about an inch tall, and the picture magnifying everything, almost filling the screen.

This is one of the original Wargames Factory skeletons, from before they retooled them to have slightly thicker contact points. The skeletons are really nice, but are a pain to put together as the contact points are only a fractions of a millimeter wide. This also means that they are extremely brittle and often fall apart.



from the “Skeleton Warriors” box set

Wargames Factory

HIPS plastic

25 mm round base by Renedra.

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Painted so far this year: 238