Age of Sigmar

So the Age of Sigmar is upon us is it?

It’s definatly not the Warhammer I know, that’s for sure. I can’t see this rule set working without making every game a narrative one. There is absolutely no way to balance it. It seems the rules strongly favor the player using few but powerful models, and horde armies, such as the Skaven I collect, get the shaft.

The one “balancing” mechanic, sudden death, lets the one with the least models choose the sudden death conditions, and they only apply to that player. The horde player gets screwed, especially if the other players plays, let’s say, Ogre Kingdoms. Or maybe not. the relative power of any given unit might be more or less the same as any other unit, apart from the “as many models as you want” part… its all just dice and the power of the oppositon no longer affects your dice rolls, you roll at the same value no matter what you are attacking.

Oh well. Everything will work itself out and settle down in the end one way or the other. Might simply be a case of changing ones perspective. And there is always Kings of War for that old-timers itch.


At any rate, I was looking through the Warscrolls, and got this itch that I needed to do the following for the first two models I have painted with Age of Sigmar specifically in mind:

150706 bones rat swarms

Rat Swarms, from the Bones 1 KS by Reaper. Betcha didn’t see that coming, did ya?


Now that base sizes are totally irrelevant. these are perfectly fine to use just as they are. Just need a lot more of them…and they get to add a model to the unit every turn.

30mm base, Bones PVC


Totalt miniatures painted so far this month: 9

Bones 2: The bare bones skeletons

Continuing with models from the Bones 2 KS shipment,  we get some skeletons out of the closet:

150706 bones bones a

2 each of the barest of bony skeletons, no armour, no frills. Dead simple. They are a bit knock-kneed though.

One good thing is that the Bones material used in these is much less bendy than the skeletons in Bones 1.

Bones plastic on 20mm mantic square bases. Very easy to cut down their integral bases to fit.

Total minis painted so far this month: 7

From Ye Pile of Olde: (Conan the) Barbarian. by Grenadier Miniatures

150702 Grenadier Barbarian

I found a pile of lead in one of my less frequented boxes under the cellar stairs the other day. Several really nice, old school  barbarian-types made by Grenadier back in the day. Here is the first I have painted up as a kind of test piece. I think I might have enough of these guys to make several units for Kings of War, especially if I put them on the 30mm bases.

This guy is probably the most “Conan” miniature I know of. Even more than the plastic barbarian in the original HeroQuest game. The face, the hair, the…everything, really. I believe it was sculpted by Mark Copplestone. Also, that must be a broadsword. Or a cricket bat.

This mini is from sometime during the early 90s. (it has to be because Grenadier shut down 1996.)

Metal, 30mm base.

At any rate, that is the first finished mini for July. I also have a bunch of skeletons and zombies on the “in progress” shelf.

So far this month: 1

Even more Zombies!

New recruits for the ever growing legions of the undead:

150622 bones 2 zombies

Reaper Bones 2 92815-19 Zombies. Much less bendy than the Bones 1 zombies. Yay! But still quite soft details. I do not have the metal versions, so I cannot say if the metal ones are similar or have sharper details.

I think I might just have a wee bit of a thing about zombies. I seem to have painted rather a lot of them lately.

Fixing the little Mars Attacks! mixup, and more Zombies.

A few weeks ago I painted a squad of 10 Mars Attacks! Martian Grunts. Or so I thought. Turned out 7 of them were Martian Marines, and not Grunts at all. (In my defense, they are very similar, with the difference being that Marines have shoulder pads.

So I have at last finished the remaining troopers to complete both squads:

150620 Mars Attacks Grunts a7

7 Mars Attacks! Martian Grunts

150620 Mars Attacks marines b3

and the 3 remaining Marines. I have done the shoulder pads in yellow to make it easier to differentiate them from grunts in play, I have also redone the 7 previously finished Marines’ pads to match.

If the helmets seem a bit wonky in the pics , it is because I just popped them on for the photo. They are not glued in place yet, and might be a bit off centre.

When I paint I usually end up with several blobs of unused paint left on my palette. And I hate wastage.

I find that Zombies are great for this, as they can take most colours in their stride (especially as base coats), and a squad does not have to be uniform (sic!) Also mixing paints is fun and educational. It teaches you some colour theory without all the boring words.

150620 space hurps 5

These two resulted from the last sessions leftover paint. So far that makes 33 of the Space Hurps Positive done.

150620 brimstone hungry dead

and last but not least, 3 Hungry Dead from Shadows of Brimstone: Swamps of Death. So thats 4 of those done, twice as many left to go. These are the worst of the SoB-minis, being quite soft in the details.

Minis completed so far this month: 18

At the Mountains of Minis: The Unspeakable Mouth

This month I have been at the Mountains of Minis, attacking them with gusto, having done mould-line carving, scrubbing, boiling, assembling etc a large portion of the roughly 20-ish minis I got in the Bones 2 shipment. And sacrificing the required amounts of fingerblood, of course.

Seeing as I am momentarily sick of the bendy bones, I have painted some metal minis for a change.

Hereby I present a new series entitled The Unspeakable Mouth
Which showcases minis with slightly overstated eating orifices (well, what did you think it would be about?)
1: Chainmail “Abyssal Maw”

150614 abyssal maw b 150614 abyssal maw a 150614 abyssal maw c

From “Chainmail” the year 2002 Dungeons and Dragons metal miniature line by Wizards of the Coast (when they tried to emulate Games Workshop in size and somewhat in style). Chainmail had a few nice minis and several bad ones.

The game was not a resounding success, and was replaced the following year by the “Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures Game”, with prepainted plastic minis in random booster packs.

Metal, 30mm base.

2. Hell Dorado “Damned One of Gluttony”

This is actually two versions of the same character:

Before it eats some of the opposition:

150614 gluttony  small b  150614 gluttony  small a 150614 gluttony  small c

and after it gets to stuff its greedy face:

150614 gluttony large a 150614 gluttony large b 150614 gluttony large c

The Damned One of Gluttony is manifestation of one of the Seven Sins, and a part of the Demon faction. Also not a nice person to have over for dinner.

Metal, 40mm base.

So that’s a massive three completed minis so far this month.